COVID 19 Crisis Counseling Program







Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) Services


Brief educational or supportive contact

If an individual or group just needs a quick referral to somewhere where they can receive more assistance, we offer general support and provide general information, typically on resources and services available to disaster survivors.

Individual Services

Or if more in depth counseling is needed, our COVID-19 Crisis Counselor, Lacy Duran, can meet you at your residence, or here at her office at PermiaCare, or she can also do Virtual Sessions.  These sessions are to provide the Client with individualized help with identifying goals, provides skills to help the client cope with what is going on in their life and get them their life back on track.  This can be anywhere from 30 minutes-1.5 hours depending on your situation and needs.

Group crisis counseling

CCP crisis counselors who facilitate this service encourage the group members to do most of the talking, and they offer skills to help the group members cope with their situations and reactions. Throughout the process, the counselors assist group members with referrals to services often needed. For example, Lacy Duran, our COVID-19 Counselor, has done several presentations for schools here and also at the local homeless shelter, Midland Memorial Hospital, and many other businesses in our community.  If your business wants a presentation from our COVID-19 Counselor, please call today!  Lacy Duran can come to your place of business or provide a Virtual meeting and provide materials and suggestions on how to handle COVID-19 and cope with what’s been going on at your place or business, but also in the individuals that make up that business and their personal lives.

Public education

CCP outreach staff provide survivors with information and education about typical reactions, helpful coping strategies, and available disaster-related resources. For example, our COVID-19 Counselor, Lacy Duran has provided lots of outreach into our community here.  Flyers have been passed out all over Midland and Odessa, and also our smaller communities: Van Horn, Presidio, Alpine, and Ft. Stockton.

Assessment, referral, and resource linkage

Crisis counselors receive training in assessing an individual’s or family’s need for referral to additional disaster relief services or mental health or substance use treatment. Crisis counselors refer survivors experiencing severe reactions to the appropriate level of care. Our COVID-19 Counselor is fully trained for this.  She also attends virtual meetings and trainings with the State of Texas on a regular basis.




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Lacy Duran
CCP Crisis Counselor