MultiSystemic Therapy (MST) Services

24/7 Crisis Intervention/Suicide Prevention
Hotline: 1-844-420-3964

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is a proven family- and community-based treatment for at-risk youth with intensive needs and their families. It has proven most effective for treating youth who have committed violent offenses, have serious mental health or substance abuse concerns, are at risk of out-of-home placement, or who have experienced abuse and neglect.

The overriding goal of Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is to keep adolescents who have exhibited serious clinical problems (e.g., drug use, violence, severe criminal behavior) at home, in school, and out of trouble. Through intense involvement and contact with the family, MST aims to uncover and assess the functional origins of adolescent behavioral problems. It works to alter the youth’s ecology in a manner that promotes prosocial conduct while decreasing problem and delinquent behavior.

MST targets youths between the ages of 12 and 17 who present with serious antisocial and problem behavior and with serious criminal offenses. The MST intervention is used on these adolescents in the beginning of their criminal career by treating them within the environment that forms the basis of their problem behavior instead of in custody, removed from their natural ecology. Therapists work in the home, school and community and are on call 24/7 to provide caregivers with the tools they they need to transform the lives of troubled youth.

Who can make a referral?

Referrals can be made from various sources that come into contact with the child or youth.  Referral sources may include social workers, case managers, probation officers, community-based mental health providers as well as parents, legal guardians, foster parents, or other caregivers.


Where do services take place?

Services take place in the home, school, and community of the youth and their family.


How long do services last?

The average length of treatment for MST is 3-5 months.


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