Suggestion Box

Please use the Employee Complaint process (found here) for complaints from staff.
Please contact the Client Rights Advocate (432-570-3333) for complaints from clients and the community.

Suggestions can also be directed to

PermiaCare Suggestion Box

Please submit an email to

to access the PermiaCare suggestion box.

Improvements Made Via Staff Feedback

  • Numerous facility improvements across the organization
  • Availability of drinking water for staff and clients in all PermiaCare locations
  • Revision of PermiaCare’s dress code procedure to be more in line with the norms of PermiaCare’s diverse workforce
  • Preliminary work on a staff culture improvement project
  • Revision of PermiaCare’s bereavement and PTO leave procedures
  • Implementation of an employee assistance program that provides support, resources, and information for personal and work-life issues.
  • Evaluation of enhanced wellness activities for staff
  • Established client advisory committee.
  • Upgrade of communication channels and information sharing.
  • Sharing of improvements that have been made due to feedback provided on the suggestion box.
  • Development of a Staff Advisory Committee.
  • Development of a PermiaCare program awareness initiative.
  • and so much more!