Mission & Vision

Our mission is to enhance the behavioral and developmental health and wellness of our community by helping people live their best lives.

How can we help you thrive?

PermiaCare Values

  • Individual Worth We affirm that the individuals we serve share common human needs, rights, desires, and strengths. We also affirm our cultural and individual diversity.
  • Quality –  We commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.
  • Integrity We believe that our personal and professional integrity is the basis of public trust.
  • Dedication We take pride in our commitment to the public service and the care of the people we are privileged to serve.

    PermiaCare Goals

    • Improve Services Improve the overall quality of services to persons served with mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities, developmental delays, or chemical dependency.
    • Expand Services Expand services to meet the needs of persons who are underserved.
    • Promote Positive Work Environment Promote an environment in which staff and volunteers work with pride, integrity, and commitment and are valued for their individual worth and contributions.
    • Improve Public Understanding Improve public understanding of mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and chemical abuse.